Sunset Gradient Hat


6 panel baseball dad cap
  • One size for all
  • metal buckle with grommet tuck in
  • 100% brushed cotton twill
  • Hand dyed in Los Angeles
    Colors may vary in intensity
  • Machine wash cold
    Air dry!
  • Our Dye Process: Procion MX dyes are “cold water dyes” that are fixed chemically instead of with heat. This unique property sets Procion MX apart from all other dyes and establishes them as the undisputed king of backyard dyeing, batik and tie dye. Because Procion MX dyes can be used away from the stovetop, they are also the ideal colors for shibori, ice dyeing, tub and low water immersion dyeing, printing, direct painting and other “alternative” dye applications. As a fiber-reactive dye, Procion MX forms a strong covalent bond with cellulosic fibers, making it the most permanent and washfast of all dyestuffs.

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