Styleguise is a female founded company offering eco-conscious and ethically made products that bridge luxury and functionality. All our products are made locally in Los Angeles.

After seeing taste maker after taste maker do capsule collections with fast fashion retailers, Cat Wennekamp, founder of Styleguise was driven to create a shop that ensures sustainable practices are being used every step of the way. 

In early 2020 Cat collaborated with good friend and taste maker Tania Sarin on a new mask and accessories collection called TSxSG with the goal to provide chic and comfortable masks for all occasions for women who want to look elevated while feeling safe. TSxSG mask collection took off and became internationally known. Now Styleguise carries an array of exciting new brands from each corner of the United States. 

Every brand on Styleguise has been chosen because they are specifically implementing more sustainable routes when manufacturing clothes, actively creating a smaller carbon footprint, and enforcing eco friendly practices within their brands. We look forward to continue being an example to other online retailers that plastic packaging and other harmful practices are a thing of the fashion past. 

The ways Styleguise Collection and TSxSG is "sustainable":

  1. We use deadstock material. Meaning we buy the leftover material from high-end designers. 
  2. We use all organic cotton. With eco friendly dyes and limited water. 
  3. We design, produce, and manufacture all here in Los Angeles. Limiting our shipping and gas usage thus creating a lower carbon footprint. 
  4. We use NO plastic in our packaging.
    Our Styleguise packaging is 100% biodegradable. Made of 100% craft cardboard and 100% kraft tissue paper. 
  5. Our stickers, branding, and card inserts are biodegradable as well. We proudly use to create eco-friendly branding material for you to enjoy. 

With Love, 

Cat Wennekamp and Tania Sarin
Founders of Styleguise LLC