Styleguise Stylists

In-Store Styling


$150 to secure your spot.
This amount will be applied to stylist hourly rate.

1. Store Selection
Based on your fashion needs and budget your stylist will select the perfect store to shop. 

2. Pre-Shop Before Your Arrival
Your stylist selects items at the store before your arrival. A dressing room will be full with pre-styled looks. On budget and event appropriate.

3. Get Styled
All you need to do is try on, have fun, and purchase what you love!

3 HOUR MINIMUM with stylist
Please allow 2 full business days from your purchase date for our team to secure your stylist. 

  1. Deposit required to secure your time slot with stylist.  
  2. Once stylist is secured, your stylist will reach out to you for a 15 minute phone or text consultation. 
  3. During Consultation stylist will create your style profile and advise how many hours it will take to complete your style needs.
  4. Your session can begin on time and on budget.
  5. Once session is completed you will be sent an invoice, upon confirmation, your card will be charged for hours spent with stylist. 

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