Styleguise Stylists

Closet Edit


$150 to secure your spot.
This amount will be applied to stylist hourly rate.

01. Edit
Stylist will recommend what to donate, tailor, or sell, helping you earn money on unwanted clothes and clear room for new items.

02. Consultation
Stylist will review your wardrobe and identify key missing seasonal items. Your stylist will create a style profile in a shared note, including your measurements, style goals and a running list of fashion needs. 

03. Look Building
Stylist will put outfits together from your own closet. Take pictures of new looks, then create a shared album of images for you to reference. Making getting ready that much easier. One less thing to worry about as you go about your busy week.

3 HOUR MINIMUM with stylist

  1. Deposit required to secure your time slot with stylist.  
  2. Once stylist is secured, your stylist will reach out to you for a 15 minute phone or text consultation. 
  3. During Consultation stylist will create your style profile and advise how many hours it will take to complete your style needs.
  4. Your session begins once stylist arrives at your home.
  5. Once session is completed you will be sent an invoice, upon confirmation, your card will be charged for hours spent with stylist. 

*Please allow 2-5 business days for our team to secure your stylist. 

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